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“Excellent product, don’t fog, don’t sweat, easy to wipe clean in the rain. I can fold them and put them in my pocket. Perfect for working with a chainsaw in the bush. The soft rubber fitting means a total seal on my face. – Kerry

“I certainly wouldn’t be without them.” – Mark Hewitt of Hewitt Building Limited, Carterton

“After first looking at Safe Eyes, I thought the rubber edge fitting the face would become irritable.  However I soon found that it wasn’t irritable at all;  it didn’t cut into your face or feel sharp.  The viewing area was not restricted in any way and over a few weeks, no object passed through the mesh at all.  I could even keep my eyes open with grass clippings flying into my face, something you just can’t do with standard glasses.  I wear them every day.” – Brian Callister Lawnmowing, Masterton

“They’re great mate!” – George Sheridan (Nelson Silviculturist)

“These are a must! My husband has a pair but won’t let me wear them so need my own!” – Barbara Chapman, Albany

“We have found Safe-eyes invaluable after many close calls with olive branches springing back up as we raked the fruit off the taller branches during harvest. For the first harvest in 6 years we didn’t have to stop to treat face or eye scratches. Also never ever fogged up on colder days and we could see the fruit clearly! We can’t recommend them enough.” – Paul & Suzie Adamson, Harewood Estate, Masterton