Product Information




0.3 mm ligatures
0.7 mm hole
0.3 mm material thickness
56.20 grams weight

Mesh hole size differences

FINE: 0.35 mm

Safe-Eyes Fine Mesh

STANDARD: 0.7 mm

Safe Eyes Standard Mesh

Now AS/NZS 1337.2:2012 safety standard approved!

Safe Eyes® mesh goggles have passed the UK standard BS EN 1731:2006 and USA standard ANSI Z87.1.2010 (basic impact) CE mark approved.

With lenses manufactured from stainless steel mesh SAFE-EYES™ will not fog up. They are designed to be comfortable to wear for long periods.

SAFE-EYES™ can be used in a wide range of applications including; power tool operation, construction activities, when operating outdoor plant and equipment such as chainsaws or strimmers, for mining and quarrying activities, for motor biking, timber works and woodcraft, etc…


When stored and maintained at ambient temperatures, this product will last in excess of two years, but must be inspected thoroughly prior to use.

Any product showing signs of deterioration or damage should be replaced.


Check for damage and broken parts prior to use. Broken parts must only be replaced by a competent person.

Position the SAFE-EYES™ product over the eyes, securing with the strap piece.

Pull the strap retaining clip (green) forward and adjust the strap to ensure the SAFE-EYES™ are secure, re-position the clip.

Note that there should be no gap between the product frame and the face.


Wash in warm soapy water and rinse with clean water. Allow the product to dry naturally, do not force dry.


Disinfect when necessary using a mild household or medical detergent, rinse thoroughly with clean water. Allow the product to dry naturally, do not force dry.


This product intended for protection against fine to medium particles.

This product is not intended to give protection from ultra-violet or infrared radiation, including sunlight.

This product does not protect against molten metal, hot solids or electrical hazards.